Fresh Artisan Roasted Coffee
our roaster at work
At Goodrich Coffee we take the finest coffees from farms scattered all over the world and roast them daily! Each bean is treated and roasted differently accordingly to its own density, weight and taste profiles. Every roast that we brew in our store has been roasted just days prior, providing you with the freshest cup of coffee in Western New York. Our small batch roaster refines and creates a controlled consistency that is desired in bigger roasters. As roaster master, I'm dedicated to providing the best cup of coffee. We have a wide variety of roasts from lighter to medium to dark, so come and taste the difference!

Roast Master

Our Selections:
(all coffee is 11.99/lb except fair trade organic Sumatra is 13.99/lb)

Richs Roast/ Decaf Richs Roast
Fair Trade Organic Sumatra/Decaf Sumatra
Ethiopian Harar
Espresso Roast/ Decaf Espresso Roast
Brazilian Cerrado
Drew's Brew (seasonal)
Tanzanian Peaberry (seasonal)
Honduras (seasonal)
Guatemala Antigua (seasonal)
Colombia (seasonal)